The journey begins…

The blog is not about me. While the title of the blog may hold true for me :), it is, in fact, about and for my sister. The word ‘crazy’ in the title is used endearingly to add a little humor to the society’s label or tag for mentally challenged individuals.

My elder sister was diagnosed with Schizophrenia and then Bi-polar disorder about 20 years back. It’s been a long, excruciating & treacherous 20 years, mostly for my sister but for the family too. She battled it; we experienced the effects and we have endured. She has come on top of it, in a big way.

Growing up she was a creative, sensitive, reserved, strong headed and a happy person. She enjoyed making friends, was always active in school and loved reading. Not just novels but dictionaries. Yes, that’s right…Dictionaries. She found joy and happiness in the world of words and it came as no surprise to us when she decided to pursue English literature in college. The new life at University, new friends, extra-curricular activities and mesmerizing world of literature kept her busy and occupied. That was also around the time things started to change….not for the better, unfortunately. The illness started to surface and within a short few years, it reared its full-blown ugly head. Soon after, the illness took over her creative & whimsical mind!

She continued the fight never once giving up and neither did we. A few years ago, with change in doctor & medication, she started to feel ‘normal’ again and wanted to catch up on lost time. Today, her personality has developed differently and no one can say what it could have or would have been, but one thing that never left her, was her whimsical mind, her love for words and writing. A few years back I coaxed (more like nagged) her into writing letters to me (because I live overseas). Somehow, this seemed the best way to get her started again. She was a little apprehensive at first but assured her that content and sentence construction did not matter….over time that would come too. She pondered over it and one fine day she picked up a pen to write a letter to me……

This blog showcases some of her letters written to me….over time they became more clear, lucid and coherent and I have enjoyed receiving them. Mind you, some of them even advised me on life that cheered me on!

Why the blog? She wanted to share and be heard….read on!